Our Story

Hey, I’m Nicole, a busy stay at home mom and a new small business owner running on caffeine and crazy ideas


I love being a momma and a wife but I recently realized I was letting the monotony of housework and raising two busy children take over my life.  I had no time to unwind and relax and do something I loved
6 months ago while rocking my restless infant I had an idea, I wanted to start up a business and have something I could call my own.  Soon my sleepless nights were filled with research and ideas.  The idea of candle making was an easy decision. After my kitchen is cleaned up and shut down for the night I love to light a candle and get rid of the after dinner smell. I started thinking about how nice it would be to create a scent I loved in a decorative jar instead of a standard glass container.  With a little help from my sister, we put our heads together and launched La Flamme du Bois. 
Deciding to start up my own small business was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Now I wake up happy knowing I get to do what I love, taking care of my two amazing children and hand crafting candles for others to enjoy!